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Welcome to East Neuk Estates

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About East Neuk Estates

East Neuk Estates is a coming together of seven families who are the cornerstone of the area’s farming community – some of us are even able to trace our families, time in this cherished landscape back over those 600 years. We are Balcarres, Balcaskie, Charleton, Elie, Gilston, Kilconquhar and Strathtyrum estates.

Today, collaboration took on its present form in 2008. Generational change in several of the estates brought us together – with fresh ideas and a willingness to learn from each other. We work together on many aspects of our respective estates.

In particular, we recognize and understand that our own boundaries are irrelevant to wildlife as well as to the many challenges and opportunities that we share. Via this website, we’d like to share our love for this part of the world together with a little history of the estates and what each does to help maintain and sustain the beautiful landscape in which we all live and work on Fife’s East Neuk. (more…)