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Monday 16 April 2012

Existing Lochty Sheds (April 2012)

Last year we put up a new cattle shed for the commercial herd and, given the extraordinary swings in weather we have witnessed in these past few weeks we have been very grateful for it, especially when early sun gave way to wind and driving snow just as the cows and their new calves would, in other years, have to have been put out.

But there is more to do and this year Balcaskie turns its attention to the replacement of the slatted shed on Lochty, used – this year for the last time – for over-wintering the 1st–year calves. 

Slatted sheds are the mainstay of cattle farms in non-arable areas where straw is unavailable.  Balcaskie inherited its slatted shed when it bought Lochty farm a few years ago.  However, we believe that cattle prefer to be bedded on straw rather than concrete and, as a mixed farm, we are able to offer them this.  The welfare of our cattle is of great importance to us and the old slatted shed will not be mourned either by us or our livestock!

See the progress of the new sheds through the photographs, which will be updated through the summer.

To go with our new shed, we are upgrading other facilities at Lochty; renovating one of the silage clamps and resurfacing the yard to provide a clean and safe working environment.


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