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Prizes at the Royal Highland Show

Saturday 22 June 2013

Detail of prize honey at the Royal Highland Show 2013

Congratulations to beekeeper Janice Furness on winning a 2nd and two 3rd Prizes in three separate categories at the Royal Highland Show this year.  

Janice keeps some of her hives at Balcaskie and it was, she said, Balcaskie honey in the prize-winning jars of honey.  Given the timing of the honey it is likely that an avenue of Lime trees which were flowering at that time provided the pollen but no doubt there were also many, many other sources of pollen too.  

Bees all over the UK have had a difficult 18 months with last year being so wet and cold that even when there were flowers out rain often stopped the bees from visiting them.  2013 has started well in Fife so here's hoping that it continues that way and stocks of both bees and honey can be rebuilt.

Well done to Janice and of course her bees!  Anyone interested in learning how to keep bees should contact the Fife Beekeepers' Association by clicking on this link.

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