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New hedge planting at Balcaskie

Wednesday 1 June 2011

LEAF sticker

The last 18 months have witnessed a big step along the path to making a more wildlife-friendly landscape on Balcaskie.  

With the support of the Scottish Government, we've planted over 100,000 hedge plants to form over 37 kilometres of new hedges protected by 57 kilometres of new and replacement fencing.  We've also planted some 10 hectares of new woodland.

The project gave us the opportunity to employ and train additional members of the farm & estate team and will, in time, provide a greatly-enhanced habitat for rare cornbuntings, native partridges and other birds as well as encouraging the growth of wild, native flowers and other plants in the new margins that run along many of the hedges.  

We've posted LEAF signs around the Estate to help to explain what we are doing and of course we'll continue to keep this site updated as we make further progress.


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