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Fife Beekeepers hold a demonstration day at Balcaskie

Monday 13 May 2013

Fife Beekeepers' demonstration day - checking the brood cells

The Fife Beekeepers' Association and Balcaskie hosted a demonstration day for prospective beekeepers this weekend.  Once we were all dressed in our protective beekeepers' suits, we were treated to a demonstration of spring care for the hives at Balcaskie.  Queens were checked and their wings clipped, honeycomb was inspected both to check on how much pollen was being collected and and also to see whether new broods were developing, and the hives were cleaned up and prepared for the season.  

It has been a very tough year for bees with too much rain and a short season, but the hives at Balcaskie have survived well and they were mainly healthy and active.  

We hope that 2013 will see them go from strength to strength so that Fife's new beekeepers can be encouraged in this vital and rewarding activity.

If you are a new or existing beekeeper and would like to find a site for your hive, then please contact the Fife Beekeepers Assocation and ask them to follow up with the East Neuk Estates.

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