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Community Consultation Event in Elie

Thursday 23 January 2014

Elie Consultation Event

Elie Estate has been promoting a masterplan for the future of Elie since May 2012. The process started with the commissioning of a ‘Landscape Capacity Study’ and was submitted to Fife Council during the Local Development Plan Call for Sites.

That study set out the appraisal and analysis work supporting the creation of a long-term plan that would set the framework for a sustainable approach to the future expansion of the village.  The sensitivity of the landscape and the quality of the built environment in Elie has been recognised from the start; new development in Elie supporting economic regeneration for local people will need to be of exemplar quality.

In October 2012 the proposals were presented to representatives of the Community Council, the East Neuk Preservation Society and the Elie Harbour Trust. They welcomed a proposal which would better sustain a permanent resident population and provide economic benefits to the community for the long-term prosperity of the village.

During the intervening period Fife Council has been regularly consulted and a response to the Main Issues Report was submitted in March 2013.  As an initiative between Fife Council and the East Neuk Estates group, the East Neuk Community Action Plan (ENCAP) has now been brought into being. Elie Estate looks forward to close collaboration with the ENCAP Steering Committee in furthering these proposals all in line with the general theme of fostering vibrant rural communities in the East Neuk of Fife for the longer term.  

To start this next stage of moving forward with consensus, a community consultation event was held on 23rd January 2014 in Elie. A presentation was made first to ENCAP Steering Committee members and the Community Council before the exhibition was opened to the public.

Over 100 people attended the event with 71 respondents leaving feedback forms.  A follow-up presentation to the Community Council was made on 3 February 2014 to report the results of this community consultation.

 A summary of the findings is detailed below:

• 90% of respondents lived in Elie & Earlsferry

• 85% of respondents owned their own house (11% rented, 4% other)

•  average time respondents had lived in Elie & Earlsferry was 26 years

• 34% of respondents worked locally (11% within 10 – 35 miles, 6% more than 35 miles)

• 49% of respondents were retired

• 60% of respondents were more than 60 years of age (30% 41 – 60 years, 10% 21 – 40 years)

• 80% of respondents were aware ofENCAP

• 85% of respondents wanted to see some form of development in Elie & Earlsferry

When asked about what type of development was needed:

  • Affordable Housing                         76%
  • Family Homes                                63%
  • Starter Homes                               54%
  • More local amenities                      42%
  • Retail / Shops                               37%
  • Workshops / Manufacturing            31%
  • Business units / Offices                  30%
  • Live/Work units                             24%
  • Tourism                                        24%
  • Retirement Homes                         14%

Of those that wanted to see some expansion of the village (% of all those that responded)

  • Mixed use at Wadeslea                   84%  (69%)
  • Employment uses at the Deer Park 62%  (51%)
  • Housing at the Grange                   55%  (45%)

Types of Affordable Housing:

  • To rent                                     49%
  • Mixture of to buy and rent         39%
  • To buy                                     12%

• 55% of respondents felt that the area had sufficient local facilities to support an expansion of Elie & Earlsferry.

The results from the community consultation event were enlightening with the overriding message being that the community wanted to see more affordable homes, particularly at Wadeslea with strong support for housing at the Grange and economic uses at the Deer Park.

This information has been reported back to Fife Council ahead of the publication of the Proposed Plan in the hope of gaining an allocation in the emerging FIFEplan.

If you have any comments or would like to raise any concerns please email us on elie@eastneukestates.co.uk

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