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Balcaskie participates in the annual St Monans coastal path & beach clean up

Monday 6 May 2013

participating in the annual St Monans coastal path clean-up

Not all of the sea's bounty is welcome in the East Neuk and this year there was more rubbish than ever.  

The annual clean-up of the beach and coastal path at St Monans took place last weekend and it was certainly needed.  Local volunteers from St Monans and Abercrombie spent much of Sunday collecting and removing litter from the beach and coastal path.  This includes some litter dropped, no doubt inadvertently, by walkers on the path.  However, the vast majority of rubbish is dumped on the beach by the sea.  This includes litter washed overboard from fishing and other vessels in the Forth and lobster creels washed up by storms.  

Balcaskie was glad to be part of this clean-up effort and we were able to lend machine as well as manpower to the job of removing all the rubbish from the beach.  

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