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Monday 20 October 2014

Whole Lamb Sample

Balcaskie Lamb

We have only a few lambs each year which are born and raised on the estate. At this time of year they are ready for market and have benefitted from the lush summer grass.

Lambs are sent to slaughter and butchered by head butcher, Graeme Braid at Balgove Larder in St Andrews. With his experience, the carcases are hung for just the right length of time and the resulting meat, the most tender.

We use sheep to help maintain the pastures due to their ability to graze grass close to the ground, differing from cattle, which eat grass using their tongues. By using sheep, we can manage new grass leys to maximise clover development and maintain areas of grass such as the estate parkland, Kellie Law and banks of the reservoir.

In order to make the best use of this extensive grazing, we buy in young ewe lambs in September from the same farm in the foothills of the Lammermuirs each year. 

We slowly grow these ewe lambs on parkland surrounding Balcaskie House until they are 18 months old, by which time they are ready for breeding and much sought after due to their size and condition.

Some have been retained by the estate to keep a small flock which enables a limited supply of lamb for direct sales.

The ewes are cross bred Blackface/Blue faced Leicester, producing Grey Faced Mule and then at 18 months old, put to a cross bred Texel/Beltex Tup in October. By using a complex cross breeding programme we aim to produce a very high quality, tender meat with sufficient fat cover to add flavour without over-powering the texture.

Lambs are born at Lochty in April within a small paddock and as soon as they are properly suckling and well paired with their mothers, they are moved to one of the newly sown grass fields, where they remain on unfertilised pasture until they are ready for slaughter. No additional feeding is provided, with lambs fattening at their natural rate - another essential element to the final product.

Orders can be placed in advance for lamb and the carcase can be butchered to your requirements. We are currently taking orders and it is very much first come – first served.

The lamb boxes make an excellent gift or can stock your freezer in preparation for a cold winter.

We sell lamb in two box sizes, whole and half.

Approximate meat weight per whole lamb box is 18.5kg

A whole lamb box £140.00

2 x Leg of Lamb (Bone in) – Each leg would feed approximately 10 adults.

1 x Rolled Boned Shoulder.

1 x Shoulder (Bone in)

2 x Rack of Lamb (7 ribs per rack)

12 x Chops

12 x Lamb Burgers

2 x 1kg Lamb Mince

2 x Kidneys

4 x Boned Flanks – Makes the most fantastic Lamb Soup or Stovies.

2 x Haggis


Half Lamb box £75.00

1 x Leg of Lamb (Bone in)

1 x Rolled Boned Shoulder or 1 x Shoulder (Bone in)

1 x Rack of Lamb (7 ribs per rack)

6 x Chops

6 x Lamb Burgers

1 x 1kg Lamb Mince

1 x Kidney

2 x Boned Flanks

1 x Haggis

Please contact the Estate Office on 01333 720200 or email DJamieson@Balcaskie.com for further details or to place an order.

Delivery 2 – 4 weeks from order for fresh Lamb.

Some Whole Lamb boxes in stock (Frozen)

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