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Awards Fund supports local mental health charity

Wednesday 16 January 2013

The East Neuk Awards Fund is pleased to be able support ENeRGI's programme of cookery classes.  ENeRGI is based in St Monans and is there to support people with mental health and/or substance abuse problems.   

"We strongly believe in the link between diet and good physical and mental health. Sufferers of mental health problems and the other vulnerable groups mentioned generally have poor overall physical health and very often lack the basic knowledge, skills and confidence to shop for, cook and eat healthy nutritious meals. In addition they very often lack confidence, have low self-esteem and suffer from social isolation.

Accordingly we propose to run “hands on” cookery classes in our Drop-In. Advice will be given on budgeting (the groups we work with will almost always be on very low income), food nutrition and healthy eating. Basic recipes, food hygiene and safety as well as practical cooking skills. The emphasis will be on cooking basic good quality nutritious and inexpensive meals whilst on a reduced budget. Cooking will be used as a social tool with the group sitting down together and eating the food cooked at the end of the session.

We are delighted to receive funding for a much needed service that will impact on the physical, mental health and well-being of people in the East Neuk." Elaine Fox, ENeRGI



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