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Created in collaboration with East Neuk communities the East Neuk Community Action Plan [ENCAP] sets out to understand what makes the East Neuk a wonderful place in which to live and work. Then it seeks to develop policies which will help keep the East Neuk vibrant and successful in the face of changes in the economy, the demography and the ebb and flow of communities of the East Neuk over the coming 50 years.

What area does the East Neuk Community Action Plan cover?

The attached plan shows the area covered by the ENCAP. It is wider than the area traditionally called the East Neuk, but it was felt that many of the issues to be covered within the plan would be shared by this area.

How will we bring about our Community Action Plan?

The ENCAP began out of discussions between Fife Council and the East Neuk Estates group. Those discussions led to the formation of a Steering Group, with members from many sections of our communities. A full list of our Steering Group members is given below.

Researching and writing a Community Action Plan is a big challenge. It is one in which we have enlisted the help of others who have done this successfully elsewhere and can give us the benefit of their experience. With the financial support of Fife Council and a successful LEADER bid and private contributors, we have now appointed Star Development to help.

We are very grateful for the support of the EU LEADER programme (run by the Fife LAG), The Scottish Government, Fife Council and our private contributors.

Who is involved?

The process of developing the ENCAP is being overseen by a Steering Group. The Steering Group is made up of the 10 people, each of whom represents an area of expertise and/or a stakeholder group. All members of the Steering Group recognise their responsibility for communicating the group’s work to as many people within the ENCAP area as possible. We do this through the Community Councils, local amenity associations (such as the Anstruther improvements Association and the East Neuk Preservation Society) and through this website.

The members of the Steering Group are as follows:

Edward Baxter (Chair) – East Neuk Estates group
Ben Ellis – Fife Council (Planning)
Helen Rorrison – Fife Voluntary Action / Fife Rural Partnership
Irene Wallace (Communication)
Stuart Bridges (St Monans & Abercrombie Community Action Plan)


Who can I talk to to find out more about ENCAP?

The East Neuk Community Plans & Projects is a community-led charity and an aspirational initiative that would like to see a jointly held long term vision and strategy for the East Neuk area of Fife that would benefit people and the environment.

Be Part of Our Community

Passionate about keeping East Neuk area of Fife a vibrant, sustainable and resilient place? Do you have an IDEA for an ambitious small or big project? Please get in touch. We might be able to help you to realise your idea by providing advise, financial support and connecting you with other people.

Interested in conducting a Community Action Plan (CAP)?

We support communities to develop their own aspirations and plans for the future of their communities through the Community Action Plan (CAP). We provide a toolkit and we direct the process of the creation of a CAP. If you have questions or if you want to talk to us CAP or an idea you have to improve the East Neuk area of Fife please use get in touch with our Principal Officer.


Sonja Potjewijd has recently been appointed as the Principal Officer for East Neuk Community Plans & Projects.

You can email Sonja via this link – spotjewijd@gmail.com – reach her on mobile (07939 147150) or use the Contact Us Form.