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Gilston Garden

Garden Open Day - Gilston House

Sunday 5 June 2011

Gilston Gardens open again after 10 years.

The Gardens at Gilston House used to be open regularly under Scotland’s Garden Scheme and are open again this year following a radical overhaul – not yet complete but well underway. The gardens have an acid soil that makes them ideal for azaleas and rhododendron and the famous Himalayan poppy, long an admired feature of the garden.

The joint congregations of Largoward and St Monans Church are providing teas with the usual hot competition for the minister’s cake. Otherwise 40% of the gate receipts will be going to RHET (Royal Highland Educational Trust) to help fund the schools trip to Gilston Mains taking place later in the month.

Scotland’s Gardens Scheme (SGS), a registered charity created in 1931, raises funds for other worthy charities by facilitating the opening of large and small gardens of horticultural interest throughout Scotland to the public.

The gardens that open for SGS include Scotland's finest, are mostly privately owned and are normally inaccessible to the public at other times.

Entrance £5 per adult, parking (at owner’s risk) and children free.

The gardens at Gilston will be open to the public on Sunday 5th June, from 2-5pm.

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